2018 Zombie Beauty Pageant at creepycon

Join the "horde" and register for the opportunity to "ooze" your goreeeeegeousness on stage during the Creepycon 2018 Zombie Beauty Pageant!  "Stagger" along the runway modeling remnants of your best undead attire. 

2017 Zombie Beauty Pageant winners

Congratulations to our 2017 Zombie Beauty Pageant winners!  

Get creative...have some creepy fun.

We had an amazing turnout for the Zombie Beauty Pageant last year.  This year will be even creepier! 

Register for the Zombie Beauty pageant

The Rules

Judging Criteria

The "cadaverous" will be judged on the following:

  • Overall Appearance
  • Attire and
  • Personality

Our Guest Judges will select five "corpses" to move on to the final round where guests will get to enjoy the "brains" behind the beauty with a few questions from our emcee.  


  • The Zombie Beauty Pageant will take place at 5:00pm on Saturday, August 25th at the World's Fair Exhibition Hall on the Creepycon Main Stage. 
  • Contestants must be aged 16 & up  (under 18 must have consent from an adult)
  • No dripping (wet) "blood" anywhere.  Period.
  • No nudity
  • Nothing that falls off of you and sticks to the convention center floors, walls, other guests, etc. 
  • No political, religious or hate messages. 
  • No biting or spreading the infection

How this works

Judging will consist of three parts:

1.  At 3:00pm, registered contestants will report to the stage area for pre-judging.  Our judges will talk with you about the process of designing your "look". 

Did you apply prosthetics?  Did you do the make-up yourself or did someone help you?  Did you purchase your costume or did you make it?  You don't have to answer these questions until pre-judging so you have plenty of time to change your mind up until the day of the pageant. 

2. At 5:00pm, registered contestants will walk across the stage in front of the judges and Creepycon guests.  This is your opportunity to show off your best "zombie stagger" or "undead walk...or crawl".  Use your imagination. 

Judges will pick the Top 5 contestants to advance to the final round.  

3. The top 5 zombies will each have a chance to answer questions from our emcee in your best zombie personality.  You can choose if you want to speak, grunt, growl, sing, whatever.  Use your imagination. 

ONE winner will be crowned King OR Queen of the 2018 Zombie Beauty Pageant and collect prizes, a crown and $50 cash! 

Age Restrictions

You must be age 16 or older to compete in the Zombie Beauty Pageant at Creepycon.  If you are under 18 we will require a guardian's signature.  

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