The Green Goblin Project

Green Goblin Project

Tim Shockey purchased the Green Goblin head in 1987 not long after they finished filming Stephen King's  "Maximum Overdrive". He spent 2 years restoring it.  Come see it for yourself and take advantage of a photo op! 

Christine Movie Car

Christine Movie Car

I’m “Christine” A 1958 Plymouth Belvedere named after a famous Fury created by the mastermind of Horror, Stephen King.  Soon after , featured on the big screen in a fantastic John Carpenter rendition that we have all grown to love 

Stephen King Fan Art Contest

Are you an artist?  Enter our Stephen King Fan Art Contest for a chance to win a trip to Bangor, Maine, the home of Stephen King! Click on the photo for details. 

Artist Credit:  Eddie Price

Stephen King Cake Design Contest

Halloween Cake Design Competition - 2018

If you enjoy decorating cakes, take your creative skills to another dimension by designing a Stephen King themed cake in the 2018 Halloween Cake Design Competition at Creepycon!  Click on the photo for more information.  

Win a Trip to Bangor, Maine!

We want to send one lucky Creepycon winner to Bangor, Maine, the home of Stephen King!  This trip includes Airfare for 2, Lodging for 2 and a tour with Sk Tours of Maine for the official Stephen King Tour!  (Details coming soon)

Stephen King Fan Exhibit

Browse the Stephen King Fan Exhibit at Creepycon! (details coming soon)