Linds Edwards

Linds Edwards to attend Creepycon 2018 on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Linds Edwards has been in some great shows like Rectify, Under the Dome, Nashville, The Walking Dead & More.  

Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman to attend Creepycon 2018

Naomi Grossman is an actress, writer & producer best known for her character "Pepper" on American Horror Story:  Asylum & American Horror Story:  Freakshow.

Mackenzie Lintz

Mackenzie Lintz has been in Under the Dome & The Hunger Games.

Santiago Cirilo

Santiago Cirilo at Creepycon 2018

Santiago Cirilo is best known for his role as Julio on The Walking Dead.  He is also a co-author for the novel "Head Hunter:  Zombified Book 1"

Kelly Lintz

Kelly Lintz to appear at Creepycon 2018

Kelly Lintz has played roles in Stephen King's "The Mist", The Accountant, We're the Millers & Gifted. 

Kyle Cobb

Kyle Cobb at Creepycon 2018

Kyle Cobb is a Paranormal Investigator and Public Speaker.  He will be speaking at Creepycon about the The Exoricism or Emily Rose and Ouija Boards

Bill Hartley & Karissa Fleck

Bill Hartley at Creepycon 2018

Bill Hartley a Paranormal Investigator on the hit show Ghosts of Shepherdstown seen on Destination America.  Karissa Fleck is a popular medium & paranormal investigator

Richard Ruland and JB Coates

The Haunted Travelers at Creepycon 2018

The Haunted Travelers, Richard Ruland & J.B. Coates will join us with their Twisted Talents!  

J. Adam Smith

J. Adam Smith at Creepycon 2018

Paranormal Historian and owner/operator of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours. 

Chad Morin

Chad Morin of Ghost Hunt Weekends at Creepycon 2018

Chad Morin is an Independent Paranormal Author & Researcher and creator of Ghost Hunt Weekends.


Beccadex Cosplay at Creepycon 2018

Costumer//MUA//Nerd.  Nationally known Cosplay professional.  

Brannon Smith

Brannon with Tennessee Wraith Chasers at Creepycon 2018!

Brannon is an Engineer with Tennessee Wraith Chasers and the younger brother of Chris Smith, one of the main Ghost Hunters on the Show.  

Eddie Price

Kevin Hawkins

Elizabeth Crout

Kris Bell

Kris Bell at Creepycon 2018

Our morbidly creepy emcee for Creepycon 2018

Danny Whitson

Magician Danny Whitson at Creepycon 2018

Magician Danny Whitson will entertain us with "Houdini's Seance"

Stephen J. Semones

Author Stephen J. Semones to appear at Creepycon 2018

Best-selling author, journalist, and former filmmaker.  He is the author of the superhero series "Gloom",  frightening novella, The Sacrifice of Candace Blake , and his horror novel, Unhinged. He is also co-host of the Mortis Media podcast. 

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow to perform at Creepycon 2018!

Born & bred in the wilds of eastern Kentucky, the 

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow is a mix of vaudeville debauchery, classic carnival sideshow & circus tradition! 

Scary Mary

Scary Mary to appear at Creepycon 2018

Scary Mary is Halloween's spooky princess! She is an experienced cosplayer & haunt actor. and works with Spirit Halloween doing reviews for their Halloween animatronics. 

Haunt Clown Entertainment

Haunt Clown Entertainment at Creepycon 2018!

This group of clowns is spread out across the southeast.  They are all coming together for some frightening fun at Creepycon 2018! 

Blake Best

award-winning author of "The Within" the Freddy Krueger origin novel "Razor's Edge," co-author of "B

Award-winning author of "The Within" the Freddy Krueger origin novel "Razor's Edge," co-author of "Behind the Screams: The Dream Masters Revealed" and a composer.

David Simpson

David Simpson, author of the Zombie Road series will be at Creepycon and he will have the Zombie Car with him! 

Linds Edwards Demo Reel

Linds Edwards at Creepycon 2018 on Saturday, August 25th

Linds Edwards will have a table in the Stephen King Fan Crypt at Creepycon 2018 for his role in the hit series "Under the Dome".  He will be at Creepycon from 11am-8pm on Saturday, August 25th only.  He will take a break for lunch.  He will offer signed photos for $20.00.  

Mackenzie Lintz will be at Creepycon Friday & Saturday 8/24 & 8/25

Mackenzie Lintz will have a table in the Stephen King Fan Crypt for her role in Stephen King's "Under the Dome".  She will be at Creepycon on Friday 8/24 from 4pm-10pm and Saturday, 8/25 from 11am-8pm.  There will be a break for Dinner on 8/24 and Lunch & Dinner on 8/25.  She will sell signed photos for $20.00.