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2018 Creepycon Exhibitors


Goblinhaus at Creepycon 2018

GOBLINHAUS is all things spook. The Goblin Shop, Horror Convention calendar, Articles, Halloween coverage, movie reviews, art, haunted house coverage and more! 



Freshly Dead Keepsakes for the Barely Living!  individually hand-crafted.

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium at Creepycon 2018!

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium is a hand picked selection of traditional shaving products to help you get a closer, more effective, and more enjoyable shave.

Dragon's Landing, LLC

Dragon's Landing at Creepycon 2018!

An apiary and hobby farm selling unique gifts, 

homemade bath products, and hand made crafts.

Paintmares & Inkscapes


Art you can only dream of! Fluid painting, paper art, gift sets, painting, watercolors, stationery and home decor.

Buttons & More

Buttons & More at Creepycon 2018

Buttons, keychains, zipper pulls, magnets, earrings, 

tie tacks, ornaments, compact mirrors, bottle cap openers/keychains, rings, and necklace pendants. 

creepycon 2018 merchandise

Creepycon T-shirts


Pick up your 2018 Creepycon T-shirt with "Jack" designed by Guest Artist Eddie Price!  We will also offer general logo t-shirts and other merchandise created by Inked & Screened.  

Creepycon Buttons


Buttons & More will be offering Creepycon 2018 buttons from their booth! 

Knoxville Gaming Convention Preview Event


Get a small preview of the 2019 Knoxville Gaming Convention at Creepycon!  

Mummer's Farce Productions


Masks, Costumes & Props! 

Complete your Halloween Costume

with a mask or a prop! 

Hard Knox Roller Girls


Meet the team of Knoxville's 

fierce roller derby team!  

Hot Shot Toys


From Living Dead Dolls to Funko products and international candy selections, Hot Shot Toys offers a fantastic variety! 

Graveyard Offerings


Spreading a little Geek and Horror to all. Penents, Earrings, Bracelets, Pocket Watches, Pillows and much more.

Apocalypse Garage


These folks travel from Georgia with a huge display you will love! 

Evil Olive Prop Shop


Prop sales, tutorial videos, build vlogs, product reviews, and tech videos on just about anything he can get his hands on involving the haunt industry. 

Cocoa Creek Candies

Cocoa Creek Candies at Creepycon 2018

Homemade and outsourced candies, chocolate dipped confections, and sweet gift items.


Envied at Creepycon 2018

Envied™ is a Knoxville based alternative clothing line with a metal edge. 


Lipsense at Creepycon 2018

Long-lasting color cosmetics.  Lipsense is their featured product and is liquid lip color that lasts through any Halloween party! 

The Mystic Orb

The Mystic Orb at Creepycon 2018

Handmade jewelry, art and crafts. All pieces are one of a kind, handmade and made with positive intention.

Eclipse Afterglow Studios

Eclipse Afterglow Studios at Creepycon 2018

A handmade shop that creates portals, through art, to explore the unknown over and over again.

Gothic Nightmare Jewelry & Accessories

Gothic Nightmare Jewelry at Creepycon 2018

Gothic, Steampunk and Halloween style Jewelry and other fun items!

Chelsea Lowe

Chelsea Lowe to attend Creepycon 2018

Chelsea Lowe is a freelance designer and illustrator.  She paints everything from creepy horror characters to beautiful endangered animals.

Monster Mafia FX

Monster Mafia FX at Creepycon 2018

High quality handmade masks/props. Our thick pulls and heavy duty strapping and buckles are made for haunters by haunters.

Tall Mann Collective

Tall Mann Collective at Creepycon 2018

Collectible and Action Figure therapy to the masses.  They specialize in Funko Pops!  They have the largest inventory of Pops we have ever seen!  

Full Moon Cartoon Studios

Full Moon Cartoon Studios at Creepycon 2018

Cartooning, Illustrating, Writing, Storyboarding, Comic Book Collecting and Grading, Movie Watching and Film Historian.

Mummer's Farce Productions

Mummer's Farce Productions at Creepycon 2018

Masks, Costumes, Prop & Weapons are their specialty!  Make your Halloween costume or Haunted Attraction stand out this year!  Stop by their booth for a cool photo op!  

Inclined to Improvise

Inclined to Improvise at Creepycon 2018

Reclaiming, repurposing, and reimagining uses for the discarded and unwanted. Her art is an expression of this passion. She enjoys working with a variety of materials and finishes.

Rae McKnight

Author Rae McKnight at Creepycon 2018


Rae McKnight is an author with works in the paranormal/Supernatural genre. We are anticipating the release of her novel Becca's Home for Wayward Souls. 

Thorns Crystals

Thorns Crystals at Creepycon 2018

Crystal home decor window hanging display pieces. They are traveling to Creepycon from Waynesville, North Carolina.  Check out her Etsy Shop! 

The Gothique Gallery

The Gothique Gallery at Creepycon 2018!

An artist/craftsman collective selling original creepy arts. Wooden painted coffins and boxes. Chainmail and handmade jewelry. Creepy paintings and prints. Stop by their booth for a creepy photo-op! 

Dizzie Lizzie FX

Dizzie Lizzie FX at Creepycon 2018

Dizzie Lizzie FX is an Independent Contractor that creates Makeup Effects, Props, Costumes, and Set Pieces.  Register for her Workshops and learn how to do some of these cool things yourself!  She will also offer free demos at her booth. 

BearMoth Crafts


Honey Dippers, Rolling Pins, Bowls, Cups, Chalices, Letter Openers, Pendants, Chess Sets, Unicorn Horns, Goblets, Jewelry, Fine Art and More...

Funeral Pyre Designs

Custom Horror Woodburning Artwork

Cutsom Horror Woodburning Artwork

Soul Case Face & Body Art

Soul Case Face & Body Art at Creepycon 2018


Face and body art, costume jewelry and small special effects applications.

Paintmares & Inkscapes

Paintmares & Inkscapes at Creepycon 2018!

Art you can only dream of! Fluid painting, paper art, gift sets, painting, watercolors, stationery and home decor.

Ashley Snipes Creations

Ashley Snipes Creations at Creepycon 2018

Art takes many forms! Let me help you spice life up! I am always available for projects from baking to painting and more !

Pizza Party Printing

Pizza Party Printing at Creepycon 2018

Pizza Party is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is a company specializing in shirts, pins, patches, and more for badasses and weirdos!


Hempwork at Creepycon 2018

The most powerful & potent Hemp products on the market!  Cindy will also have her Tupperware line available! 

Von Grimm Productions


Von Grimm Productions was founded in 2006 and has accumulated over 13,000 hours in the special makeup effects & haunt industry

Color Street


100% nail polish strips make nails super easy to do with amazing designs!  Color Street will debut their Halloween themed nail designs at Creepycon! 

International Paranormal Museum & Research Center

International Paranormal Museum & Research Center at Creepycon 2018

A museum space and research center dedicate to Ghosts, Bigfoot, Aliens, Psychics, and anything that goes bump in the night! 

The Bath Lab

The Bath Lab at Creepycon 2018

Handmade bath & body products using the best ingredients for you and your body! Specializing in bath bombs, scrubs, and lotions.

Screamville Haunted Attraction

Screamvile Haunted Attraction at Creepycon 2018!

Travel through the Cursed Acres at Screamville Haunted Attraction located in North Knoxville! Opening this October for frightening fun! 

Mountain Oddities

Mountain Oddities at Creepycon 2018

We buy sell and trade Oddities and Curiosities.  Stop by their booth for a creepy photo op! 

Bowie Art


Damon Bowie Art sells prints and orignals of horror, pop, comic and scifi art.

Pillows & Creepy Things

Pillows & Things at Creepycon 2018


Pillows, Voodoo Dolls, Skelton Keys, Creepy items


Artist Kevin Hawkins at Creepycon 2018

Kevin Hawkins is a classically trained artist that specializes in mixed media “old school’ art. He has also done work for TOPPS and UPPER DECK.

Steampunk Kollectic Oddities

Steampunk Kollectic Oddities at Creepycon 2018

Crafts, oddities, steampunk, goth, cosplay, Manga and more.

Whipping Stripes

Whipping Stripes at Creepycon 2018

Whipping Stripes has been creating whips and floggers by hand for over 25 years.  They work meticulously with you to ensure the intensity, weight, style and colors are exactly what you want.

Steps in Thyme Designs

Steps in Tyme Designs at Creepycon 2018

Steps In Tyme Designs is a Steampunk based costume and Prop company based in Harriman, Tennessee. We specialize in One-of-a-kind items.

Level Up Games & Hobbies


Level Up Games is a local video game store, board games, and trading card games. Magic The Gathering, Vanguard, Force of Will, and Pokemon. Pathfinder too!

Danny Whitson - Magician

Magician Danny Whitson to perform at Creepycon 2018

Magician. Comedian. Amazing. Performing all over the Greater Knoxville TN Area.  Danny will perform on the Creepycon main stage.  


NecroCrates at Creepycon 2018

Freshly Dead Keepsakes for the Barely Living!  individually hand-crafted. 

Southern Sun Boutique

Southern Sun at Creepycon 2018

They sell a variety of t-shirts they can press on-site for customization.  They can also customize cups, chargers and more. 

Haunt Clown Entertainment

Haunt Clown Entertainment at Creepycon 2018

A group of talented actors provide quality entertainment for your haunted attraction cue lines, Halloween events and more.  

Ars a Tergum


Caeleigh Graven is a self-taught artist 

and she will have many of her prints with original characters as well as 



The Brothers Rich FX at Creepycon 2018

The Brothers Rich FX create quality Props, Masks, Shirts, and their very own custom Blood Cannon. They also specialize in custom work for films, stage, and music videos. 

Bortz Boutique

Bortz Boutique at Creepycon 2018

Artist Brandi Bortz specializes in customized items for your unique event, party, photos, or just everyday wear. 

Coffin Candy Jewelry

Coffin Candy Jewelry at Creepycon 2018

Halloween/Rockabilly/Pinup inspired Handmade jewelry and other cute unique stuff!!!

The Knoxville Death Collective & Coffin Club

Knoxville Death Collective at Creepycon 2018

Promoting death positivity. education on all options for bodily disposition. Learn to build caskets for yourself or loved ones. Bath bombs, soaps, paintings and photos. 

Brainchild Creative

Brainchild Creative at Creepycon 2018

Creating and producing entertainment ans retail theming, product development and custom artwork.  Stop by their booth for a Creepy photo op! 

3 Crows Entertainment

3 Crows Entertainment at Creepycon 2018

Full function production house located in TN. Specializing in feature films and live events.

Handcrafted by Lance

Handcrafted by Lance at Creepycon 2018

Handcrafted by Lance creates unique products using wood, metal, and other materials.

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium

Dr. MIke's Shaving Emporium at Creepycon 2018

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium is a hand picked selection of traditional shaving products to help you get a closer, more effective, and more enjoyable shave.

The 13th Hour Haunted Trail

The 13th Hour Haunted Trail at Creepycon 2018

Currently constructing scares for the 2018 season.  Electric Monochrome will also be with us with their artwork.

Dennis Hart


Art prints, original sketches his comic books "King of Camp" and "Better Each Day".  

Sweets by Jocelyn

Sweets by Jocelyn at Creepycon 2018

Chef Jocelyn will be serving up her delicious Cupcakes, Candy & Cookies.

Amanda Hackert

Amanda Hackert at Creepycon 2018

An artist creating original art prints centered around movies. 

Retro-Fitt Boutique

Retro-Fitt Boutique at Creepycon 2018

An indie boutique with unique collection of retro/vintage, pinup, goth, steampunk and rockabilly fashion and pop culture merchandise.

Kreepy Kids & Paws

Kreepy Kids & Paws at Creepycon 2018!

Baby, kids, dogs & cats handmade horror movie clothing.

Creature Seeker Studios

Creature Seeker Studios at Creepycon 2018

Strange Creatures
Mysterious Relics
Unspeakable Horrors

Roogna's Custom Creations

Roogna's Custom Creations at Creepycon 2018

Customized My Little Ponies.  Roogna takes these ponies and customizes them any way you like.  She also offers an assortment of fan favorites! 

Fanboy Productions

Fanboy Productions at Creepycon 2018

Fanboy Productions is a small, independent film production company based in Knoxville, TN. We write, shoot, direct, edit, and act in our own projects, which include sketch comedy, horror, and even artsy short films.  They will offer a movie screening of their film "Something's in the Woods" at Creepycon.  

Indrid Fear

Indrid Fear at Creepycon 2018

Indrid Fear reaches deep into nightmares and plucks out the things that scare you most & displays them for all the world to see.  He is also teaching a workshop at Creepycon.  Click Here to learn more about his Custom Skull Mold Workshop! 


Blairmonster at Creepycon 2018

Hand sewn horrors!  She makes hand-embroidered framed art pieces & some wearable designs on up cycled clothing such as denim vests.  

Paparazzi $5 Accessories

Paparazzi Jewelry at Creepycon 2018

Some Halloween Costumes are not complete 

without some fantastic jewelery & accessories! 


PsychoBaths at Creepycon 2018

True Crime & Horror themed bath products 

for the creepiest of minds...

Tanya M. Travels

Tanya M. Travels at Creepycon 2018

This lady knows her Disney travel!

Black Moon Tattoo Society


Get your creepy tattoo by these 

talented artists during Creepycon! 

Nirvana Comics


Knoxville's Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Shop! We believe in fun, friends & community. All are welcome! We believe there is a comic for everyone!

Chicken Chick Naturals


Handmade soaps, 

Bath & Body products, CBD products,

The Wandering Beardsman and Fun Bows will also be in this booth with Beard Oils & Balms and creepy hair bows! 

Dead Man's Farm

Dead Man's Farm at Creepycon 2018

Celebrating 10 years of fear this fall in Knoxville, TN!  Stop by and see some of the creepy characters and learn more about this premier Haunted Attraction! 


LulaRoe at Creepycon 2018

Find some cool creepy leggings, 

or add to your workday wardrobe!  

Archangel Custom Ink

Archangel Custom Ink at Creepycon 2018!

Their talented artists have over 50 years of combined experience in tattoos and piercings! Come by Creepycon and check out samples of their work and pick up original art pieces. 

Teresa's Bakery

Teresa's Bakery at Creepycon 2018

Creepy cookies & creepy treats by Teresa's Bakery! 

Mysterious Mansion

Mysterious Mansion at Creepycon 2018!

The creepy staff from Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg will be at Creepycon to tell you alllll about their scary plans for October in their 3 story haunted mansion! 

XS Energy


Prepackaged Vitamin Based Sugar Free Energy Drinks in 17 natural flavors

Mark's Props & More

Mark's Props & More at Creepycon 2018

Props, Prop components, pneumatic components.  If you are into making props or purchasing props for your Halloween party or event, you will find a great selection! 

Merrydeath Antiques

Merrydeath Antiques at Creepycon 2018

We have antiques, collectibles, music, records, pop culture, books, curiosities, oddities, toys, Christmas stuff, Halloween gear, and it is Nerd Central!

Scentsy by Sherry


Scentsy offers some really cool 

Halloween designs in their candle 

warmers.  Pick out some great scents too! 

Black Cat Creations


bath bombs, candles, soaps, 

decor, mirrors, decals.  2 crafty creeps who are good at making stuff!

Herbal American CBD


We provide hemp-derived CBD products to a world in need. Must be 18+ to follow or purchase.



MoonCast by Midnight Parade Design specializes in masks, mini hats, jewelry, pillows & more! 

Wild Bill Soda

Wild Bill's Old Fashioned Soda Pop at Creepycon 2018!

The premier soda pop experience. Enjoy our stainless steel dishwasher safe mug. Seven original flavors with no High Fructose Corn Syrup and all natural ingredients.

Adorible Creations


An amazing selection of hand-crocheted hats, scarves and gloves in creepy designs! 

Pandora's Box


Macabre, Oddities, Occult Items, Mysticism and all things strange

Oneida TN Zombie Festival

Zombiefest booth at Creepycon 2018!

They will be at Creepycon promting their annual Zombie Fest with a zombie walk, zombie run, brain eating contest, costume contests & more. 

Monster Kitty Society

Monster Kitty Society at Creepycon 2018

Monster Kitty Society is a home for dark souls who love adorable yet creepy things. Especially cats. All artwork is illustrated then made into quirky accessories and apparel to add that touch of cute and macabre to your everyday.

Ghost Pro


It's always been hard to catch a ghost on camera until now. Time to see the unseen! Ghost Pro has cracked the paranormal code. The Ghost Pro tablet is a device that allows the user to digitally capture ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal events in their surrounding environment.