Adults age 13 & up – $20

Youth age 5-12 – $10.00

Children 5 &under – FREE

Cash and Credit Cards accepted at the door

CreepyCon Halloween & Horror Convention

August 23-25

Join us for the 3rd installment of CreepyCon Halloween & Horror Convention!  If you are a fan of all things creepy, this is the convention for you!

This year’s event will be held at the Jacob’s Building in Chilhowee Park in Downtown Knoxville.

  • Tons of entertainment
  • Creepy merchants
  • Contests
  • Food and drinks
  • Free parking
  • Special guests
  • Artists & Authors
  • Workshops & panels
  • Photo Ops

We hope you’ll join us for the third year of Knoxville’s only Halloween & Horror Convention!


Dates & Times

August 23 – August 25
Friday: 7pm – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm


Jacob’s Building
3301 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville, TN 37914





John Dugan was born in Brazil, Indiana. He attended the Goodman School of Drama at the Art Institute of Chicago. During his time in Chicago, he performed in several theatrical productions. While he was in Chicago, screenwriter Kim Henkle approached him to portray an old patriarch of a cannibalistic family, and he enthusiastically accepted the offer. He was cast as Grandpa in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, a film directed by Tobe Hooper. He was 20 years old at the time of filming, playing a 113-year old man whose family lured young people to their Texas homestead, where they were killed and eaten. The low-budget film has become a classic in the horror genre, spawning several sequels and a remake.

After filming, John returned to theater acting in Chicago, and eventually moved to Los Angeles. He took several years off to focus on his family and raising his daughter.

Thankfully to his fans, John’s hiatus was short lived and he began filming again. True to his roots, he did a cameo appearance in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Next Generation”. He has appeared in several independent horror films, including Monstrosity”, “The Butcher Boys” and in “The Hospital”. He also appeared in the film rendition of Stephen King’s The Boogeyman. And almost forty years later, he appeared in the iconic movie “Texas Chainsaw 3D” (2013) as Grandpa Sawyer.

The Horror Con Hooligan returns to CreepyCon 2019 as the Monster of Ceremonies! Kris Bell is a Local Hooligan, a National EmbaStand Up Comedian and Event Emcee from Clinton, TN. He’s performed in Las Vegas and California; as well as, all over Tennessee and surrounding areas! Kris is The Mad Hatter of Knox Comedy, he uses a high energy combination of physical comedy and clever storytelling to take audiences on a journey through his unique outlook on life! He’s your Guide to the Ghoulish! Your Phantom of Foolish! The Guru of Gruesome!  The Pharoah of Fear! He’s The Grand Duke of Spook and he can’t wait to bring his batty brand of boogey back to all you creatures at CreepyCon!

“See you soon my Funky Fiends!” – Kris

Newark, New Jersey native, Monique Dupree, also known by the title Tha True Original Gata and in some circles is referred to affectionately as The First Black Scream Queen. She has done independent horror films, fetish, comic-book, catalog and/or alternative modeling, local and national reality television and an occasional cross-over into mainstream television and cinema. This includes music, by way of her band Negro Childe, publishing, promotion, internet radio, fitness, production and pro-wrestling. (She currently tours the world wrestling with former WWE star Tommy Dreamer in his promotion House of Hardcore).

She is also a professional Cosplayer appearing at events and conventions. He most notable cosplay to date being, Wonderwoman, Nubia, Mohawk Storm and Marie Antoinette. Monique is married a mother of 10 children. She is involved in several grass-root charities and social outreach organizations. To date, Monique has completed upward of 90 films and television projects, inspired the creation of several comic-book heroines and consistently works and is for hire across the country and around the world.

Blake Best is the co-author of “Behind the Screams: The Dream Masters Revealed,” and the author of the award-winning Freddy Krueger origin novel “Razor’s Edge” and horror novel “The Within.” He also composes music for films.

Salome Cabaret is an award winning burlesque troupe founded in 2008.  They have spent the last decade spreading the gospel of burlesque and their body positive message to the masses here in Knoxville, the south at large, and around the world.

Salome Cabaret will be back for their 3rd year as headline performers at CreepyCon.  We are honored to have them again this year for a 90 minute performance celebrating all things spooky!  They put on an amazing show and will perform on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 9:00pm.

Claire “Fluff” Llewellyn was born in Worcester, England.  She took an interest in creative writing at an early age; also developing a penchant for music, and the horror genre.  She became embroiled in a different kind of stage performance as an assistant to a Gothic illusionist. This adventure exposed her to the world of independent horror film making. She branched out into acting and ultimately formed her own small production company, ‘Bloody Brit Productions’, through which she directs her own screenplays.

Her movies to date are: ‘Visitation’, ‘Hobo With A Trash Can’, ‘Director’s Cut’, ‘Conscience’, [and still in post ‘For The Love of a Child’], these can be streamed online. She is currently developing a musical horror, ‘The House of Ill Repute’, which is a dream project combining her passions more completely.

Aside from her own productions, she acts in other Indie horror films and appears in the background of various major productions, including being featured as a nun in four episodes of the first season of The Exorcist TV series.  Her passion and talent have spawned many creative projects, including a vampire alter-ego, ‘The Victorian Vampire’, through which she combines poetry and narrative. Her first publication, as herself, is a twisted poetry collection called ‘Love is a Killer’, available on Amazon.

Claire Fluff Llewellyn continues to grow as a genre actress/writer/poet/director and film-maker and looks forward to many new adventures.


Dead City Collective was created and founded in 2015 by the character known simply as Stitches. DCC is a horror entertainment company which travels the globe offering their unique style of entertainment provided by their plethora of characters, each bringing their own talents to the table.

The original vision of DCC was to provide a service mainly to haunted attractions. Offering them professional actors to entertain their patrons on a level of their own, which would drive more business to the attraction for that year and years to come.
Now in 2019, the goal remains the same but the level of entertainment and demand has increased exponentially. Now, DCC offers fire and sideshow acts in addition to featured acting to the haunts that book them. They also offer private event services as well as wedding officiating services. They have been in films as well as featured in music videos. Their sponsors and business partners have allowed for DCC to have a run of branded products from energy supplements, to a vape juice line, and even a moonshine branded after them. Currently they are set to have a coffee branded in the DCC image.
DCC strives to continue to evolve and provide their over 110,000 loyal followers on Facebook alone with fresh horror entertainment, as well as provide their haunted attraction clients with unforgettable memories for their patrons that will have them coming back to their attractions for years to come!

Shannon Strucci 

Shannon Strucci is a video essayist and filmmaker best known for Fake Friends, a video essay series on parasocial relationships, and “SO YOU WANNA BE A FILM NERD”, a series on film culture and history, along with being a player on the dark comedy/body horror teen superhero actual play podcast Critical Bits and being the film correspondent for the podcast Struggle Session. She also collaborates with others under the StrucciMovies umbrella to make short comedy and horror films. She has guested on various film and pop culture podcasts and her work has been mentioned on IndieWire, Kotaku, Sight & Sound, Digg, Filmschoolrejects, Fandor, Polygon, and others.

Lynn Lowry was born in 1947 in Illinois, but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She began acting professionally at age 17 in a theater called Shawnee Summer Stock Theater. She relocated to New York City in the late 1960s to pursue other acting jobs to support her young son. Her first movie role was a small part in The Battle of Love’s Return (1971) which starred and was directed by Lloyd Kaufman, who later founded the “Troma” independent film company. Her next role was another small, uncredited part in I Drink Your Blood (1970). Her next movie, playing a dual role in Sugar Cookies (1973), which required her to act in the nude for the first time, got her sex appeal. Score (1974) came next which was a X-rated, soft-core, semi-documentary flick which brought on more sex appeal for Lowry’s character. Her next role was one of her best in playing “Kathy”, a neurotic character in George A. Romero‘s The Crazies (1973), an action-horror flick filmed in rural Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. She then was cast for a recurring part in the TV series How to Survive a Marriage (1974). She was also cast for a part in David Cronenberg‘s horror flick Shivers (1975).

After another minor part in Fighting Mad (1976) and a few other movies, Lowry moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980s where, after a slow start, she began acting in the local theater, and occasional movie roles. Most recently, she has been performing on stage as a singer in singing old folk songs and show tunes with her own band.

Father Evil is an original horror persona that comes from the creative mind of Lou “Evil Lou” Avilleira.

Along with his various convention appearances, Father Evil has also become a fixture at haunted attractions along the East Coast and has also been recognized by several media and news outlets including a feature in Cosplay Culture and Sanctuary magazine.

The possessed priest is so much more than a cosplay. Lou Avilleira is also ordained through The Universal Life Church.

Father Evil was featured in Cosplay Cultures Halloween Edition in a 10 page spread, including the centerfold, called The Gathering-Haunted Cosplay

Father Evil will appear all three days at CreepyCon

W.F. Bell is an American film and television actor, as well as a 20-year Air Force Veteran. Bell began his acting career in extreme temperatures in the valleys of Santa Clarita, California working on Rob Zombie’s 31. In the film, Bell worked closely with amazing talent and learned valuable acting and stunt techniques that he will take with him throughout his career. Some of his other work includes the biopic of Tupac Shakur, “All Eyez on Me”, and an independent film titled “Strange Tales from Appalachia”, in which he played the role of Peter Barret. The film was presented with the BEST FEATURE award at the Mad Monster Charlotte movie awards. He also has two other independent films currently in post-production, “Night to Day”, and “Blood is My Fate”, both expected to be released later this year. He has also made appearances in MacGyver, The Vampire Diaries, Outcast, Ozark, and several other Atlanta-based productions. He is most notably recognized for his role as a recurring Savior on AMC’s The Walking Dead, where he just recently finished working on season 9 in Senoia, Georgia. Ever looking for interesting projects, he’s working on developing independent films based on his own short stories and learning electric guitar. Additionally, he is pursuing SAG-AFTRA accreditation. His Instagram profile can be found at @bellhorror2015 or
W.F. Bell will appear for all three days of CreepyCon and is also proud to honor Gold Star Families.

Mother of the house of disaster the deadliest catch! Purrahna Rivers is the founder and MC of HalowQueen! The first ever Spooky! Cooky! Halloween themed drag show at CreepyCon. Purrahna is fiercely tenacious and is inspired by all things dark, witchy,bloody, outrageous and spooky. At home in Chattanooga Tennessee Purrahna performs and host shows regularly most recently colabroating the up and coming event space OUT!; a safe space and show venue for LGBTQ and advocates in Chattanoonga and the surrounding area. Purrahna is also a co host of Wathca Singing Wednesdays at Midtown Moon in Atlanta Georgia. She is an activist for gay and human rights and loves to share alternative art with the world in her efforts to support and inspire the community around her. Purrahna would like to thank CreepyCon, it’s patrons, and the cast of HallowQueen for making her dreams of spreading alternative art and community throughout Tennessee and the Southeast possible. Her over the top dark humor and sarcasm will leave you wanting more!

She will be joining us for CreepyCon 3 and hosting the “HallowQueen” show on the main stage!

Marian Sing is known for her work on Halloween (2018), The Darkest Minds (2018) and The Originals (2013).

She will be joining us for CreepyCon 3 on Friday & Saturday.

WGM’s Goth Queen Alexanderia Gothe is the winner of the Goth Queen Beauty and Styling Contest and Current Reigning Goth Queen.  She has been an Official Model for Sanctuary Magazine and published sets in Gilded Magazine.  She has received many awards including World Gothic Models Reigning Goth Queen, Official Model for Plamendura Art, Representative for World Gothic Models ,a Proclamation from Mayor and City of Tallahassee, Former Official Model for Sanctuary Magazine and a Published Gothic Model.
She will appear for all three days at CreepyCon 2019.

J Adam Smith, known as The Paranormal Historian, is a shining star in the Paranormal Field. J has been investigating the paranormal for nearly two decade and is an Internationally acclaimed investigation based sensitive and Master Teacher for the Paranormal Field, can be seen on Travel Channels – Paranormal Paparazzi, NBC, ABC, and countless other Magazines, Journals, and internationally syndicated radio shows. He is the Founder of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours ~  Paranormal Adventure Tours, which has been classified as “The Hidden Gem of Haunted America” and one of Americas first investigation based ghost tour and leads master classes and certification classes in the paranormal field.

J Adam Smith teamed up with an award winning production company Mapletree Productions and is filming paranormal documentaries for Historic Landmarks. Historic Haunting: A paranormal study of Ramsey House was released Feb 28th 2015 and won a Telly Award.

In 2017, J-Adam Smith was asked to contribute Historical Research and Paranormal expertise in “Ghostly Places in Tennessee” book revealing some Haunted discoveries and personal encounters. The book is filled with a collection of Chilling Stories about haunted places in the State of Tennessee.

In 2018, J-Adam Smith’s was filmed by Tennessee Valley Uncharted TV show in preproduction of Fall 2019 episode 13 in Knoxville TN. The episode features Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours unique Girl Scout Merit Badge Tour (First of its kind in the World) lead by The Paranormal Historian.

In the works:

J-Adam Smith was asked to play a significant Role in movie” Inducted”. The truth behind the first U.F.O encounter to be inducted into United States History as true and historically significant.





Midway of Mayhem



Saturday, August 24th



Sunday, August 25th



Friday, August 23rd


Saturday, August 24th

Noon, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm

Sunday, August 25th

11am, Noon and 1pm

Friday, August 23rd


Main Stage

Travel through the Midway of Mayhem and meet some creepy characters!



Dead City Collective

Abaddons Apollyon Rubberwear

Clown Cartel Kentucky

Brainchild Creative to present The History Of The Devil- A Clive Barker Play

Saturday, August 24th


Sunday, August 25th


2nd Floor

Movie Screenings area

Doug the Juggler

Saturday at 4:00pm – CreepyCon Main Stage

Sunday at 11:15am – Wrestling Ring

Rope Bite Knoxville

Rope Bite is a rope education group teaching aspects of rope bondage and art with an emphasis on safety

Visit their booth to learn more about rope bondage

3:15pm on Saturday, August 24th – Behind the Magic of Film Making
Take a behind the scenes look into Storyhaus Media’s psychedelic rock musical “Flirting with Azrael” and steps needed to create a feature film on a budget. Topics include business creation, investor agreements, locations, set design, costuming, makeup and more. Questions are welcome and appreciated.

Friday, August 23rd


Main Stage

Saturday, August 24th


Main Stage

Their 2019 theme is “Demons”.

Come see their latest fashions and come up with some great ideas for your costume!

Saturday, August 24th

1:00pm in the Wrestling Ring

Sunday, August 25th

1:00pm in the Wrestling Ring

Saturday, August 24th

12:30pm & 7:30pm

CreepyCon Main Stage

Sunday, August 25th


CreepyCon Main Stage

Greg Carney and the K-Town Zombies perform “Thriller”

Saturday, August 24th


CreepyCon Main Stage

Magician Danny Whitson

Saturday, August 24th

Noon & 4:15pm – Wrestling Ring

Sunday, August 25th

10:30am & Noon – Wrestling Ring

Ephemme Suspension

Ephemme Suspension will perform multiple days and times during the convention.

Please see their booth on the show floor for more information.

Ephemme will be exhibiting human flesh ritual installation art pieces during Creepy Con in Knoxville, TN this year.

Come enjoy all the creepy things while we SUSPEND your disbelief.

Performance Times:

Friday 8/23
“abomination” @ 8:45 pm
Saturday 8/24
“emancipation” @ 1:45 pm
“adorcism” @ 5:45 pm
Sunday 8/25
“penitence” @ 11:45 am



Special Events

Join us for the official CreepyCon after party at The Concourse!

Saturday, August 24th

9:00pm-3:00am (doors open at 8:00pm)

The Concourse

 940 Blackstock Ave, Knoxville, TN 37921

Show your CreepyCon wristband for a $1 discount at the door!

CreepyCon VIP Crypt Tix holders admitted free!

Guest of honor will be WGM’s Queen Alexandria Gothe!

Knoxville’s longest running dance night, and home of the strange and sometimes spooky returns. Join us for an evening of drink, dance, the macabre, and some absinthe! 🙂

18 and up
$5 at the Door
Valid, State Issued Photo ID required for entry


Workshops & Guest Speakers

Haunted History:  A Journey into Knoxville’s Ghostly Past”

with Laura Still of Knoxville Walking Tours

Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 1:30pm

Admission is free with your CreepyCon wristband

Learn how to make a Blow Mold Skull

with Indrid Fear

You can learn how to make your own Blow Mold Skulls to creep out your home decor!

It’s a roto-cast (rotational casting) skull.  He will be showing the materials needed and the method of hollow casting from a silicone mold.

It’s a pretty simple process that pretty much anyone willing to put a little time into can get down so come check it out!

Saturday, August 24th at Noon

Sunday, August 25th at 11:30am

This workshop is free with your CreepyCon wristband

“Different is Beautiful” 

with Queen Alexandria Gothe

Saturday, August 24th at 12:30pm


Sunday, August 25th at 12:15pm

FX Makeup Tricks & Treats to Creep out your Costume

by Zombtography

Saturday, August 24th at 3:00pm

Sunday, August 25th at Noon

Check out this workshop by Zombtography at CreepyCon!

They will show you 5 easy fx makeup tricks to creep out your Halloween costume using things you can find around the house!

This workshop is free with your CreepyCon wristband.

Knoxville’s Real Haunted History brought to you by The Paranormal Historian

Saturday, August 24th at 3:15pm and Sunday, August 25th at 11:15am

2nd floor

Knoxville is known for its traumatic and deadly history, but are those sites haunted?

Admission to this presentation is included with your CreepyCon admission.

Painted Like a Scream Qween:  A Presentation in Drag and FX Makeup

Check out this presentation by Purrhana Rivers and Darla Wigley

Watch a live makeup demo and see some of the best drag makeup techniques!

Saturday, August 24th at 4:00pm

Sunday, August 25th at 1:30pm

“Creepy Charmies Workshop”

Register for this workshop by Gothic Nightmare Jewelry and make your own creepy charm bracelet!

The workshop is $30.00 and includes all materials plus instruction.

Click Here to register!

(this will be through paypal)

How many people are you registering?
Which day do you want to take the class?
What is your name?

Movie Screenings and Performances

Brainchild Creative presents Clive Barker’s “The History of the Devil

This will be a stage performance located in the movie screenings section at CreepyCon.

Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 2:15pm

Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 10:30am

In Clive Barker’s The History of the Devil, a deprived and lovelorn Satan is sick and tired of living in Hell.  He bemoans the loss of his angel-wings, his freedom of flight, his elegance, and grace.  He misses God.  He calls a trial, his appeal, to seek re-admittance into Heaven.  As the trial moves through space and time, we revisit the scenes of humanity’s great failures – or are they the work of the Devil, his own wicked crimes?  If Satan wins his day in court, he’ll be with his Father in Heaven.  If he loses?  He’ll spend eternity here with us – on Earth.

Family of Fear shares the story of a group of people brought together by their love of haunted houses. They come to scare people. Some come from broken homes, are bullied in school, have depression, loneliness and other concerns. But in the Arx Mortis haunted house they found a family. This documentary is about finding inclusion and community in one of the scariest places in the USA.

By Green Planet Films

This film will be shown at CreepyCon Halloween & Horror Convention in the movie screenings area on the 2nd floor of the Jacobs Building

on the following days and times. 

Saturday, August 24th at Noon

Sunday, August 25th at 1pm

The Dark Ride Project is a world first, virtual reality project capturing the history, horror and excitement of Dark Rides, Ghost Trains, Mill Rides and other moving haunt experiences. 

The Dark Ride project has emerged through 15 years of research by dark ride documentarian and digital artist, Joel Zika. He’s traveled the globe capturing these rides, bringing them back from the dead through new technology and virtual reality.

Critical Bits Live!:  a live comedy-horror podcast recording
Sunday, August 25th at Noon
A comedy-horror tabletop podcast live show and recording with Shannon Strucci, Paul Byron, Joel Ruiz and Shelby Lee.
Come join the Critical Bits cast for Halloween in Heavendale!

Perilous Podcasts

Sinister Scribes


What hotels are nearby and have a special discount for CreepyCon guests?

There are many hotels nearby! This is a list of hotels with their price ranges and distance from the venue.

3.2 miles from CreepyCon

$109.00 per night
Free Parking

Book Now!

Deadline for discount booking rate is August 2, 2019

4.2 miles from CreepyCon

$124.00 per night
50% off parking

Book Now!

2.4 miles from CreepyCon

2 Queen bed rate: $62.05 + tax
Single bed rate: $57.80 + tax

Call 1-800-329-7666 and tell them you are with the CreepyCon room block.

Deadline for booking at the discounted rate is Saturday, August 10th

4.3 Miles from CreepyCon

$170.00 per night

Book Now!

Here is a direct link to hotels in Downtown Knoxville.

Each of these range anywhere from 3 miles to 5 miles from CreepyCon.

Click on the Visit Knoxville logo to check them out!