Bad Clown

Horrornaments - Bad Clown

This little fella has a sweet treat for you- and a nasty surprise behind his back! He might look silly, but you'd better watch out, or those laughs could easily turn to screams...


Chainsaw Ornament

If you were wondering how the severed arm and leg ornaments came to be, then look no further than this grisly device, subtly splattered with the blood of its last victim


Black Cat

Black Cat Ornament

Look out! Too late, this black cat has already crossed your path, bringing misfortune to all that come across him. The perfect accompaniment to a witch's tree, this fierce feline



Coffin Ornament

What could possible lurk within this creepy coffin? When you're tucked up in bed, perhaps you'll hear the sound of it creaking open- be sure to say your prayers before you go to sleep...




Straight from a Gothic church to your tree, it's a good thing this gruesome gargoyle is made out of stone, or else he'd be ready to pounce.


Haunted House

Haunted House Ornament

There are all manner of ghosts and ghoulies within just waiting to break out, so be sure you’ve locked the door before you turn your back on it.  This is the Michael Berryman series. 


Jack O' Lantern

Jack O' Lantern Ornament

A truly iconic symbol of all that goes bump in the night, this simple little pumpkin will let anyone know that they're in for a scare when they gather around your tree.



Mummy Ornament

These ornaments have been locked away in a tomb for thousands of years!  Make sure you give him pride of place on your tree, or he might just unleash his curse upon you.



Raven Ornament

Quoth the raven, nevermore... amongst a nest of skulls, this raven will perch upon your tree as he looks out for more victims. Make sure you stay out of sight of his all seeing eye!



Reaper Ornament

No Halloween would be complete without an appearance from the big guy himself. A true terror icon, the Grim Reaper has even brought along his scythe in case an unfortunate accident should befall anyone while he's around.


Snowman - Jaed Demers Series

Scary Snowman Ornament

This sinister snowman comes complete with an icy stare and bone-chilling visage, so don’t be surprised if the temperature suddenly drops when you put him on your tree.  Jaed Demers is a sculptor 



Werewolf Ornament

A Halloween tree would not be complete without this iconic Werewolf!  A full moon may cause him to spring to life!