2018 Creepycon Costume contest

Show us your creepy side...with your best costume design.


creepycon costume contest rules


You may apply for one of the following categories:

(Final category placement is at the discretion of the judges and contest organizers)

Original Concept - This is for those original creations or designs that fall into the spirit of Creepycon.  Any original costume is welcome to enter in this category.

Lookalike - A recreation of a specific character or of another person's design.  In this category, please provide the judges with reference photos so that they are able to judge you fairly if they are not familiar with the source material.

Group - Either original concept or a recreation, if you are entering with two or more people, then this is the category for you! If entering as a group, please only fill out one entry form.  Please also provide a name for your group at the time you enter.

If you aren't sure what category to select, please send us an e-mail at rigormortis@creepyconknoxville.com


  • Best in Show - This is the best costume across all three categories.  Any costume or group is eligible for this award.  However, the winner of this award is not eligible to win in their category as well.  
  • Best Original Concept - The best original concept or character
  • Best Lookalike
  • Best group
  • Judges Choice - These prizes are given at the discretion of the Creepycon Costume Contest judges.
  • Best Prop
  • Best Make-up/Effects


All costumes will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Presentation
  • Stage Presence


1. All participants must purchase Creepycon admission for the day of the event.  

2. All participants must fill out the costume contest entry form.  Incomplete entries may lead to disqualification or an inability to walk the stage.

3. Participants must be at least 13 years old to compete.

4. Each contestant is able to enter one (1) costume into (1) category.  If you enter as a group, you are not eligible to compete as an individual as well.

5. You must participate in pre-judging to be eligible for a prize.  If you miss your pre-judging slot, time conflicts may not allow for rescheduling.  If you cannot make the timeslot allotted to you, please let the Costume Contest Coordinator know as soon as possible to attempt rescheduling.

6. Contestants must be available to line up at 5:30pm, giving them 30 minutes prior to the contest to prepare final costume adjustments and check in for the stage presentation.  Being late for line-up may result in being unable to walk the stage or compete. 

7. Creepycon has the right to reject any entry based on inappropriate, unsafe, or illegal behavior or a violation of convention rules.  Please be courteous to your other attendees and contestants. 

Costume Guidelines

1. All costumes are welcome.  This includes purchased, commissioned or homemade.  However, extra points will be awarded for creativity and skill.

2. No profanity, political or religious statements are allowed on stage.  This includes anything on clothing or any visible signs.  Anyone who violates this rule may be removed from the contest immediately.  If you have questions about your costume, please ask in advance by e-mailing rigormortis@creepyconknoxville.com

3. Costumes cannot endorse any real hate groups. 

4. No electrical power connections will be provided.  If your costume requires power, you must have it built into the costume.

5. Contestants must be able to enter and exit the stage in costume.  If you require assistance (a handler, etc) or other accommodations, please speak with the Costume Contest Coordinator before the event.

6. Any weapon or prop permitted at the convention center is allowed on stage for this event.  Contestants are expected to act responsibly with all props. 

7. No throwing of any weapon or prop will be allowed on stage.  This includes: glitter, confetti, fake blood, feathers, sand or other material.  Tossing an object or doing a stunt on stage may be allowed but must be cleared with the Costume Contest Coordinator beforehand.

Registration & Judging

  • Contestants may enter online up until Friday, August 24, 2018 at 10pm.  This is the preferred method for organization by the Costume Contest Coordinator. 
  • Limited registration will also be available at the convention center on Friday, August 24th from 4pm-10pm and Saturday, August 25th from 11am-1pm.
  • Please locate the Costume Contest Registration/Check-in table near the Entertainment Stage in Hall A at the Knoxville Convention Center.
  • At the time of registration, contestants will be given a time slot at which to report to the pre-judging area.  Pre-judging will give our judges a chance to look at the details in each costume and for the contestants to offer any additional details about their costume or character that might be relevant.  In order to be eligible to win any prizes from the costume contest, all contestants must be on-site and available at the time of their pre-judging time slot. 
  • Contestants must attend pre-judging in full costume (no assembling costumes on the stage or in front of judges) and walk the stage in the same costume.  Contestants are not required to remain in costume for the entire day but are encouraged to do so if their costume permits. 


At the time of registration, the contestant will be given a 15 minute time slot.  Contestant will need to arrive at the judging area at this time in full costume.  

If contestant has a conflict with their assigned time slot, please speak with someone at the Costume Contest Registration/Check-in table and the coordinator will try to work around this conflict to make sure the contestant has enough time for prejudging before the contest begins.